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When marimba rhythms start to play. Dance with me, make me sway. Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore. Hold me close, sway me more. Goodnight. -RiRiBells


May I nail my thesis
Finish college this year
And for us ❤

I felt the spark again. I think you’re a keeper. I want to know you more and spend time with you. Hello Ila 😍

When your drunk dad asks you if youre in a relationship with someone, all I can think of is how miserable my life is. all of my depressions are coming back and eating me alive. I’m not capable of engaging myself into a relationship, that I am most certain.

i’m borny. bored x horny. who’s online?


Docs of the Day

let me enter your soul

I fell inlove with you because you appreciated everything about me, how fat and insecure I was. And how I spoiled you and gave you everything. You loved me to the extent that you gave me second chance when I failed to function as your boyfriend. I wish I could find someone like you. Because during that 6 months, I found eternal happiness. I want to feel it again, to be loved.

too much headroom

"Now I got you in my space. I won’t let go of you"

nocturnal phase again

someday, someday

morning good read

I seriously need a love life

I find peace in the ocean shore

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