"I love these roads where the houses don’t change"


Anonymous asked:
sobrang hot nung tth mo ugh

Uhm Hi! Never thought of myself as a sexual figure :/ Thanks anyway :*


My body misses yours

How badly I want to share how we spent our first. But they say, people who brag about lovelife through the internet will break up eventually. No matter how pathetic that notion is, I wont risk it. I want us to stay like this, indefinitely. I am eternally happy, period

over sized everything

So please dont let go, cause you know exactly what we found
So please dont let go my darling
You keep me locked up underground
Its gonna be you and me
Its gonna be everything youve ever dreamed
Its gonna be who and me
Its gonna be everything and everything, were meant to be
Were meant to be


Puff Boys

"you’re the only one that I want

'Think I'm addicted to your light”

mallows-and-ego asked:
Good luck sa thesis defense!

Thank you! It went well actually :)

Thesis defense. May the odds be ever in my favor


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